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Rachel Glowacki,(E-RYT, YACEP) is an international yoga teacher and writer. She began training, writing and teaching from both a faith-based perspective and a public-school friendly approach for adults and children in 2007. She has been on the forefront of progressing conversation about yoga as a component of spiritual health at the National Kids Yoga Conference and serves as an advisor /blogger for K-12Yoga.  She has trained over 300+ kids yoga teachers worldwide. A former fitness teacher, ministry leader, and school teacher with over 20+ years working with children, Rachel brings her child-like, authentic, and engaging nature to her practice and her teachings.

Rachel is the author of Kids Yogaverse: I AM LOVE digital storybook app written specifically for the screens of iPads, Barnes and Noble Nooks, Android tablets and XO tablets for One-Laptop per child. This storybook app was “Highly Recommended” for the healthy app choice in 2012 by the U.S. Surgeon General. She is also the co-author of of two kids yoga apps: I AM ENERGY and I AM SUN, I AM MOON.

Rachel’s work has been featured in MINDBODYGREEN, Parents Magazine, Elephant Journal, Parenting Magazine and CBS DreamTeam’s, Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Hidden Heroes Television Series.

She teaches yoga to children and empowers adults to nourish their own inner child because she knows what it is like to play small, shrink back and feel stupid. She was the child that felt not good enough or smart enough. The child with the broken family, the child in remedial reading, the teenager who suffered from an eating disorder, the teenager who said, “NO!” and was not listened to, the young adult that went through a devastating divorce. It is that girl and others’ inner children that she gets to teach now. She longs to see hearts of all ages to know their God-given worth and value. Rachel loves teaching about the body in creative ways, leading imaginative visualized meditations, and finding the intersections of faith and daily life.

Rachel lives in Charleston,SC with her energetic and health-conscious husband, chef and restaurateur, Casey Glowacki, and two highly-spirited and inspirational boys, Liam and Grey. Rachel enjoys deep conversations over a good cup of coffee, reading with her children, and going on family vacations to Costa Rica and Colorado.

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