Compassionate Parenting Workshop



Do you ever find yourself wishing you could show up differently for your child(ren)? Do you long for your interactions to be more heartfelt, more meaningful and more intentional? As parents, we understand how easy it becomes run on autopilot due to our own conditioning. Our modern lives keep us so busy rushing from one activity to the next and as a result we tend to lack compassion with ourselves and our children.

This workshop is a “mini-boot camp class” designed to help you learn how you can interrupt your conditioned responses and choose how to engage with your child(ren) with compassion. We will guide you through meditation, life-changing writing exercises, role playing, personal reflection and in-depth group discussion. We will also share our findings from the latest research showing how compassion strengthens the brain and improves the quality of our relationships.

We are mothers and yoga teachers who have journeyed together through tears and laughter on the most insanely terrific and utterly terrifying ride of our lives; raising our children! From nursing throughout the nights to hair raising tantrums, to the first visit home from college, to sending them on a study abroad, we will share stories, tips and techniques that are sure to enhance your relationship with yourself and with every member of your family.

Valentine’s Day Month Special rate: $65.00 throughout the entire month of February.

Beginning March 1st the workshop rate will be based on a sliding scale of $80-100.

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