Conscious MOMents

So you’re in the checkout line and your toddler grabs a candy bar. You say, “no!” and turn to reach for your receipt… and then… you turn back to see the tiny crumpled face… it’s all scrunched and you hear the long intake of air. You know what is about to happen. You can hear the scream before it’s audible to everyone else nearby.

Don’t you just want to do that sometimes? Crumple and cry like a three year old. It looks so freeing. (Be honest, no shame here.)

We’ve been there. Life doesn’t stop for you to catch your breath and respond in the perfect way. Life is full and fast and can be unrelenting. In the heat of the moment you snap. You feel everything at once… how tired you are, how loud they are, how embarrassing this is… and then it’s all over, you’re yelling, your day is ruined… and then you feel bad and they feel bad…

*record scratch

Pssst! There is another way!

Rachel and Jessica here!

We’ve been there. We’ve had the checkout line moment… several, in fact. And not only have we lived to tell about it, we’ve learned to experience it in new ways. And we have some insights to share about compassionate parenting.

Sometimes you just need to take a MOMent.

We’ve created a workshop to take you through a new experience, to empower you to do things… differently. When those moments happen (*cough, daily*) you will have the tools you need to change your habitual responses and to begin to show up in a new way. You know, like those moms in the commercials.

The Conscious MOMents workshop is a “how to” course that focuses on the ways we can get ourselves calm before we engage with our children.

We will share…

  • practical tools that work
  • experiential role playing
  • powerful guided writing exercises
  • in-depth group discussions


We are mothers and yoga teachers who have journeyed together through years of tears and laughter involving the most terrific and utterly terrifying MOMents of our lives raising our children. We are blessed and grateful to share some of our bloopers and victories and how we continue to learn and grow through them with more and more grace while creating more and more space for pure connection.

Not only for moms, but also for anyone who works with children and desires to learn ways to engage consciously and compassionately.

Conscious MOMents

Transform yourself, Empower your children

Thursday May 11

Isle of Palms



The day includes

  • An intimate gathering at a retreat-like private Isle of Palms home
  • Our go-to tools, information and resources (in a handy packet for your reference)
  • Light Lunch sponsored by Five Loaves Cafe

Space is limited. Reserve your spot or ask questions at

Short on time?  click here: and you’re guaranteed a space, we will send you an email with all the details!

We are here for you and look forward to being on the parenting journey with you!

With Love,
Jessica Rueger and Rachel Glowacki

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