10151278_10152019572546500_620862660_nFeatured as a family who stays fit togetherArticle Here

elephant-journalFeatured on the Rise of Yoga and Mindfulness in Elephant JournalFeatured Here

 -4Kids Yogaverse Apps have done a fabulous job of combining kids love for technology with holistic health. The creative team of Rachel Glowacki, Danielle Cather & Anne Tracy Emerson are making it easy to spread the kids yoga love by appealing to this tech savvy generation.

-2Interviewed by The Post and Courier in an article entitled Does Yoga Violate Religious Freedoms in Public Schools? Article Here

WAKE-zine.com_1Interviewed by Jean Mackzo, Co-Founder of Wake Magazine, where the primary focus of WAKE is to combine the very best of the world’s performing and spiritual arts into one place.  Interview Here

KYC-2015-Logo-222x222Featured as a spotlight presenter for The National Kids Yoga Conference, a conference that unifies this work through an inspiring, collaborative, professional conference, which will propel our movement forward and deepen our impact.Spotlight Here

logoSilently acted, interviewed and worked with Lily on the kid yoga episode for Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Hidden Heroes, a hidden camera television show developed for teens in which each episode reveals the widespread goodwill in our world by secretly capturing heroes in action as they demonstrate acts of kindness, compassion and commitment to others. Episode Here“Highly Recommended” by the Office of the US Surgeon General for the Healthy Apps Challenge for Kids Fitness in 2012US Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, MD stated-“I’ve been delighted with the response to this challenge. The winning apps will help many Americans to have fun while getting fit and healthy.”

OLPC+Logo+jpeg-1Preloaded Kids Yogaverse: I AM LOVE app on 200,000  XO Tablets for One Laptop Per Child, a non-profit organization that empower the world’s poorest children through education.

Parents_April-2011-220x300-1Turn your child into a yogi (and we are not talking about the bear) with I AM LOVE. The iPad app teaches 13 poses and breathing techniques they’ve set to music with vibrant backdrops.


I AM LOVE -Trendy, creative way to keep ‘em moving during the summer sports lull…


logo_yogakids-header“Kids Yogaverse: I AM LOVE APP is a beautiful adventure into yoga that every child will love.” ~ Marsha Wenig, Founder and President YogaKids® International Inc.
-2Grace loves it! So much that she wanted to share it with the other kids in yoga class. The kids were fascinated with it. ~ Casey Feicht the creator of Kids Yoga Guide

-3If you are looking for a quick and effective yoga practice for your family… I AM LOVE is  the perfect answer.

-3I Am Energy is a very unique app, absolutely in a genre all it’s own! I like the message of I Am Energy and the song is catchy, the singer does a great job. The illustrations are colorful and well suited to the app’s overall feel.

tech4momsFINAL-470x70Even though yoga was new for us, my kids loved interacting with the book, and I loved their calm demeanor afterwards! Tech4Moms definitely gives this app an A.

mind-body-greenWritten multiple articles for the on-line publication where conversation is about health with the mission to revitalize the way people eat, move, and live! Articles Here

mind-fullFeatured Article on Becoming and the Outcome Article Here

charleston-yogiFeatured Yogi Writer for The Yoga Community in the LowcountryArticles Here

The Middlers Podcast

Interviewed by Middlers Podcast on how yoga has been spreading out of south Asia into all corners of the globe for centuries. That process has hyper-accelerated in recent decades. And as yoga changes the cultures that it touches, yoga itself has also been changed. Learn about how the Christian faith, historically associated with the Western world, and yoga, historically associated with the Eastern world, have found a unique and exciting intersection point in 21st century America. Interview Here