Sacred Yoga Summer 2019

Summer is here for a lot of you!! Not so much here in Colorado. But…it’s coming.
For those who have journeying with me online, thank you. You motivate me to continue to dive deeper, listen closely, stretch my faith and body. That’s what Sacred Yoga is! Grateful for this online platform to grow together no matter where we are in the world. 
Summer time is when we eat more, drink more, play more and rest more. Take some time to care of your temple more, too. 
Summer Sessions will be recorded and available by June 1st, 2019! You will receive all four sessions once you complete your payment and registration.

There will be four different styles of yoga, including: yoga nidra (a deep conscious rest), power with Yoga Shred (HIIT), slow flow (traditional hatha practice), and yin (3-5 minute holds). Payment of Sacred Yoga Online Summer Session is $30 for the 4 sessions. Please email me if finances get in the way of your participation, I trust that God will provide for my time and yours!

Lots of ❤️ your way!!

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