Schedule for June

School is out, but yoga is still in! (For the month of June at least).

Meditative Flow blends vinyasa (linking breath with movement) yin (longer holds to get into the connective tissue) hatha (traditional postures and breath work) and Bhakti (prayerful devotion) yoga all into one class.

Faith-Based Yoga Fusion is an interval workout that will nurture your mind and body as well as your spirit. The class will fuse together yoga postures with weights, bursts of cardio movements, breath work, deep stretching and prayerful meditation.

All faiths welcome!

P.S.–Yes, you are seeing correctly, the “June Schedule” header is crooked. It’s imperfect, even though I spent way too long trying to fix it, decided to be perfectly imperfect and let it go. Didn’t have the patience to do it over. Everyone has their strengths! LOL

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