As you watch your little girls grow up before your eyes, join yoga teacher Rachel Glowacki at Athleta to celebrate and bond for this special yoga class that is designed for mommas (or any adult female role model) and their age 7 and up daughters. It will be a time to connect through movement, breath, visualization, laughter, partner poses, a mindful activity, and of course, shopping for some cool and comfy yoga threads!

Space is limited, register here to reserve your FREE Mother-daughter Athleta Class spot.

Bring a mat, a water bottle and open heart!


This Beauty @sarahhendersonyoga makes me a better human. At the #beautyfromashestetreat, she will guide us gracefully into God’s peace through yin yoga and creative exercises. In years past, I have completely surprised myself with the creativity part, finding aspects of myself I didn’t know I had! I will be happily guiding us through meditation practices and yoga fusion classes!

Beauty From Ashes was born in 2013 to gather women to strengthen our minds, bodies and spirits based on the sacred text in Isaiah 61 that, in laymen’s terms, says beautiful things can come out of any crappy situation.

Please join us for this year’s gathering, September 21-22 in Charlotte, NC. $95 suggested donation.

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Yoga Pajama Jam 

Yoga Pajama Jam is a once month class for 5th and 6th grade girls to breathe, dance, journal, laugh, goal set; along with a mindful snack. If you want to book a private group for ten or more friends of your closet friends we can do that, too!

1/19/18  SOLD OUT

2/23/18  SOLD OUT